5 Things To Remember When You’re Dating & Travelling

It’s hard enough to determine who pays for what without the travelling part so booking a holiday can be tricky. You may need to take into account different disposable incomes, different interests and for us at the moment, different currencies! But it’s not impossible. So don’t despair (we’re still together, so we must be doing some things right!). Here are our top five tips to remember and hopefully your mini or long travel adventure is relatively smooth sailing!
A couple stand in front a mosaic decorated water fountain in Sintra - 5 Things When Dating Travelling

1. Communication is Key

It may seem super obvious but how many times have you been in that position when you say to your significant other “Don’t you ever listen to me?!”. One of you may be a list maker while the other just likes to discuss in person. Be clear and concise with one another about travel dates so that together you can request annual leave from work, book flights and avoid doubling up on tasks.

2. Make a Budget

This will be particularly important to consider if you have different disposable incomes. One person might pay for flights while the other pays for accommodation. If you haven’t pooled your money together yet, make sure to understand each other’s budgets. This is to ensure that one person or both of you are not spending beyond your means.

A couple stand on stairs among potted plants in Chefchaouen, Morocco - 5 Things When Dating Travelling

3. Give & You Shall Receive

You have some common interests (that’s how you began dating in the first place, right?) but let’s face it – someone is not always going to want to sign up for the Harry Potter supper club in London. Compromise. No doubt you’ll have different interests. One person will want to go sky-diving while the other will want to enjoy a 10 course degustation at a Michelin star restaurant (Okay, we’d both agree to this one, really). Agree the major activities in advance to avoid a lovers’ spat.

4. Be Realistic & Be Honest

Hopefully you are both realistic and honest during the planning stage anyway but often there will be moments where you’ll hesitate. You might sit on the fence a bit or even agree to something to please your significant other even when your gut tells you no or when you just know that you just won’t enjoy it. Trust that your partner will respect your honesty. There’s no point in wasting your time and money on something you won’t enjoy. Be open, be realistic, be honest.

5. Choose Wisely

A trip to St Andrews to play golf all weekend isn’t Jas’ idea of a “fun” time. Likewise, a shopping spree in Milan doesn’t tickle my fancy either. These getaways are better off enjoyed with your BFFs. You’re bound to have different bucket list destinations or visited certain cities individually already so pick destinations with your lover that will add to your relationship. Think about cultural experiences that will be challenging and rewarding for you both and hopefully it will be a trip that you will each remember fondly.

Remember – travelling and exploring the world should be a thrilling experience that makes you want to lace up your hiking boots, dance with the locals or go skinny-dipping in the Mediterranean sea. Be grateful that you have another person who wants to be by your side to share these moments.

Do you have any other wisdom that you’d like to pass onto us or other couples? Make sure to share in the comments below!


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