5 Tips When Travelling With Your Parents Or In-Laws


Happy New Year everyone! We hope that you’ve now sufficiently recovered from that two day hangover that always seems to linger as you get older (or maybe we need to come up with some better bounce back remedies!). We recently spent Christmas in Paris with Bevan’s parents; a first for us since we’ve been dating. Here are our tips from our festive season experience.

A couple standing at the top of the stairs in Montmartre, Paris - Travelling with Parents


1. Book separate rooms

Depending on location and budget it is important that you have your own space (see point three below). There’s no point in sleeping on a lumpy fold-out couch in the same studio apartment and putting up with lots of snoring (if applicable) just to save a few bucks.

2. Do the tour

Yes, you might have already seen those monuments and walked those streets but that was probably when you were young and ready to part-ay. Keep the peace; tag along for the walking tour or just hop on the bus. When you revisit a city in a different season and with different company, I assure you that you will view the city and its streets in a different light!

3. Have alone time

Remember, as much as this is a family holiday, it is also a holiday for you and your partner. Thus, it is important that you and your partner take some time for yourselves as well. Mum and Dad will understand – remind them that they were young once too!

Jasmine with her parents in Santorini, Greece - Travelling with Parents
Bevan with his parents exploring Oxford, United Kingdom - Travelling with Parents

4. Take photos of them and with them

You’re creating memories together! Document them! Even if it means standing in front of another grey building that you forgot the name of and don’t understand its significance to the city. But it’s Europe! And it’s grand! And it’s old! And it’s Europe!

5. Don't forget your manners

Travelling with the parentals means that you can get odd-angled couple-y photos taken, your fancy schmancy dinner is/might be all covered and your hop-on/hop-off bus ticket is paid for. Not that you’re financially independent anyway, right?

For all the couples, new and old, please tell us if you found this useful and share your experiences and recommendations too!


A man and a woman hold hands outside La Maison Rose in Montmartre, Paris, France
A man and a woman stand down on the banks of the River Seine looking towards the Eiffel Tower, Paris, France

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