8 Tips For Travelling As A Couple


Relationships can be hard work (we’ve all been there, right?). But holidays should be fun! (“should” being the operative word). And travelling with your significant other can be fun… at times! We’ve heard from sources that if a couple can survive travelling together, than they have passed an ultimate test. Well, we’re still together (touch wood) after travelling together on multiple occasions. Even though there have been testing times, we find the following points have been pivotal in making each holiday a memorable one!

Sitting on the edge of Trolltunga - Norway

1. Use each other's strengths

If one person is better at finding flight deals and the other at finding a kick-ass restaurant to enjoy a romantic meal, then you should definitely divvy up the tasks this way! Play to each other’s strengths so that you are as time and effort efficient as possible.

2. Compromise

We must provide this piece of advice in almost every blog post! But we believe it holds true for all couples, ALL the time. Don’t forget the likelihood of your differing levels of interest in specific activities. You might need to walk an extra kilometre in search of a particular coffee shop or unenthusiastically tag along to a place where GoT was filmed. Make sure to compromise.

3. A little research goes a long way

For those destinations that may be a bit off the beaten track, we recommend doing a little extra research, particularly if sources do not provide consistent information. Some things to look out for include: your transport from the airport/train or bus station to your accommodation, where to buy a local SIM card, city tax, tipping and any local customs.

4. Stay somewhere central

This is particularly beneficial if your flight or train arrives at your destination late at night or behind schedule. The last thing you want is to get ripped off with an exorbitant taxi fare. Staying central means that you have great access to restaurants, museums and the nightlife. It also means that you have a short commute home to, ahem, spice things up in the bedroom. Wink, wink, nudge, nudge.

Outside the Cathedrale de Notre Dame, Paris
Looking down at the river and port of Porto

5. Try something new

Get the adrenaline pumping and immerse yourselves in a country’s culture and landscapes by pushing yourselves out of your comfort zone. It might involve a paella cooking class in Barcelona or climbing Srd Mountain to watch the sunset over Dubrovnik. Take the plunge and create those unforgettable moments together!

6. Expect the unexpected

It sucks when things don’t go to plan or something unpleasant unexpectedly occurs. You’ve got one another (one perhaps panics a bit more than the other) so help keep each other calm and figure out the contingency plan. Two heads are better than one in these circumstances! Plus, when things go pear shaped, the next tip should definitely be followed.

7. Make sure to laugh

That unexpected detour or slip in the mud may have you laughing when you return home! If anything, the unexpected incident now becomes a travel adventure story. Travelling means that you’re exploring, wandering and discovering a new city or a new country and learning more about the world and yourselves all at the same time. So embrace it and make sure to get your giggle on.

A candid morning at sunrise at the Eiffel Tower, Paris

8. Find the romance

Let the butterflies in your stomach return and be nice to one another. Reflect on how you guys came together in the first place. You’re travelling together to get away from the hustle and bustle of “normal” life. Take the time to focus on your relationship. You’ll hopefully have no distractions (except for the “Sale” signs in the shop windows), so sip a few vinos and talk to each other about your #couplegoals.

What are your tips for travelling as a couple or with your BFF or any other partner-in-crime?

Share your experiences with us – we’d love to hear from you!


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