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We are an Australian couple with curious tastebuds and an adventurous streak itching to delve into cities different to our own. One armed with cameras and the other lugging a black and white wardrobe. We’re not the atypical couple who met in Australia, quit our day jobs and then booked a one-way ticket to “The World”. Our love story transpired in London and our mutual love for travel unravelled. We decided that we genuinely want to e-document our travels and experiences (the new age travel diary) for ourselves to look back on when we’re old and grey. But we also sincerely want to contribute to the travel community’s plethora of guides, tips and inside knowledge.
A couple sit on the stairs smiling at each other in front of Dolmabahce Palace in Istanbul, Turkey


A self-confessed materialist with a penchant for white T-shirts. Jasmine is most content when the sun is shining and dessert is on its way. She is capable of striking up conversations with strangers, will happily share her opinion (particularly of your outfit) and doesn’t always get the punchline straight away. Jasmine is particularly adept at balancing a spoon on her nose and justifying the purchase of another pair of shoes.

Number of Countries Visited: 50
Favourite Destinations: Iceland, Portugal & Japan
Bucket List Destinations: Cuba, Costa Rica, Mexico, India, China, Vietnam, Cambodia, Sri Lanka
Best Travel Experience: Summitting Mt Kilimanjaro

A woman poses in front of the yellow and blue walls of Pena Palace in Sintra, Portugal


The more logical and rational one of the duo, Bevan functions best after having consumed at least two lattes. He is forever devoted to his beloved Western Bulldogs, searches for eclectic shops around the world and enjoys learning about a new country through its culinary offerings. Bevan possesses some pretty sweet dance moves and photography skills. He is forever trying to convince Jasmine that she doesn’t need another pair of shoes.

Number of Countries Visited: 56
Favourite Destinations: Japan, Iceland, Nepal, Portugal, Budapest, Copenhagen
Bucket List Destinations: Sri Lanka, Tahiti, Mexico, The Caribbean, Greenland, Uganda, Burma, Russia, Colombia
Best Travel Experience: A Turkish bath in Istanbul

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Why Are We Doing This?

Because we honestly love to travel. We get itchy feet and suffer wanderlust when we’re sitting still for too long. Together, we will push ourselves to discover how far we are willing to go to explore the unknown, to broaden our minds, our views and our wellbeing.

Our mission is to provide a unique perspective on travel. We’ll travel to cities known and unknown to unravel the mysteries of our destinations. We’ll explore a city’s culture through its history, food and people. We want our adventures and experiences to become a high-quality source of information that has actionable value for our readers so that they are armed with the knowledge to make informed travel decisions and feel inspired to explore the world.

So join The Travel Quandary on the next adventure as we seek out the answers that have not yet been found!

“Alone we are strong, together we are stronger”

A couple kissing in a field of yellow wildflowers in Lauterbrunnen, Switzerland - About The Travel Quandary

Our Responsible Travel Ethos

How fortunate we are to live in a world as beautiful as this! Even in our lifetime, we have seen firsthand the destruction and degradation to Planet Earth, caused by the human race and by Mother Nature. The Travel Quandary aims to travel responsibly as much as possible.

You can too by following some simple steps:

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Work With Us

Like what you’ve seen and what you’ve read? Make sure to check out our press page to see where we’ve been featured!

Does your brand or company’s values align with our mission? Want to make it a threesome? Jokes! Well no, not really. But seriously – if you think you can put up with us both, please get in touch via hello@thetravelquandary.com. If you ask nicely, we’ll also send you our full media kit and rates upon request.

“Let’s travel together and get lost in beautiful places”

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