Other than travel and food, our next greatest loves are Photography, Coffee and Style.

Although Bevan would probably list sport and sleeping too – but you didn’t come here to read about that.

Our Photography page showcases some of our best pictorial work (98% shot by Bevan) of the destinations we’ve travelled to – delve into our photo journals of far flung places and save those Insta spots in your Google Maps.

If you can’t start your day without coffee, you must head to our Coffee page. We like you already and we promise that our coffee guides will be a godsend during your gallivanting – be sure to double check opening times.

For stylish aficionados, take a sneak peek at what Jasmine has pulled together on the Style page. Apparel recommendations, beauty product suggestions and must-have travel accessories is what you’ll find here. 


To us, photography is another medium to tell a story, to express emotion, to capture the essence of a place and if we’re lucky, to sneak a peek into the soul of another living being. Our photography skills and style continue to evolve as do we as creatives.

Here is some of our best work of the destinations we’ve been lucky to see in our lifetime thus far. 


Coffee is our drug. Quite literally.

We hardly start our days without caffeine. When we’re travelling, it gives us good excuse to find hip cafes that serve exceptional coffee accompanied by attractive decor, some sweet treats and often superior customer service. We’re quite proud of our coffee guides so do let us know if you visit any of the recommended cafes.


A matter of function but also a mode of personal expression. Our consumer habits have evolved over time with increased knowledge of the positive and negative effects of purchasing consumer products, how much they’re used and how they are disposed of.

If you’re looking to be sartorially savvy, prefer a solid combination of function and form plus be a conscious consumer, check out these blog posts for some of our apparel recommendations, preferred beauty products and must-have travel accessories.



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