“A picture is worth a thousand words”

We love how photography can tell a story, it can express an emotion or instigate discussions. Photography can bring happiness, it can evoke memories and it can reveal secrets. Sometimes, photos may only share part of a story, leaving viewers perplexed and wondering about what comes next.

Bevan’s foray into photography began during his teenage years. He continues to develop his skills and adding to his dream camera equipment list. He is the chief photographer and editor of the duo. Jasmine still has her training wheels on in the realm of photography but time under Bevan’s tutelage may see her emerge as star pupil.

On our Photography page, you can find our top photography tips including how to use Lightroom on desktop and mobile, our best images through photo journals and our favourite Instagram spots from our travels.

"In photography there is a reality so subtle that it becomes more real than reality."

~Alfred Stieglitz

Up close with Canon 85mm lens - a couple stand at the bottom of Wallaman Falls, Queensland Australia
Jasmine sits on a ledge in front of blue and yellow towers at Pena Palace, Sintra- Lisbon


Our photography kit has evolved over time – faster than our bank balance! We continue to refine our skills and technique as we learn more about the functions of our photography gear. Check out what’s currently in our camera bag and have a read of the tips that we can share with you based on our experiences.


Sharing digital photo albums of some of our favourite travel destinations. We hope that these galleries will inspire you to visit these places and witness the gobsmacking, jaw-dropping beauty for yourself.


Lightroom has changed the way that creatives share their work. If you’re looking to boost your photography game, learning the basics of Lightroom is one of the first steps. Having some photography apps is also a good start. But if you’re looking for something quick and simple, applying presets could be for you. And we’ve just released our presets! Check them out now!


Shooting for the ‘gram? A good number of us are guilty of this – we certainly are. If you’re looking to visit a spot because you saw it on Instagram, here are a few posts to help you find those locations. Please remember to ALWAYS be respectful of signs, do not trespass barriers or private property and do not purposefully break rules and local legislation.



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