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Hong Kong is an intoxicating mix of glass and steel skyscrapers and geological gems. A diverse cultural landscape where remnants of its former colonial past continues to shimmer through strong Chinese roots.

A gastronomic hotspot, Hong Kong eating establishments whip up food to cater for every budget and craving. One of the most daily and easily accessible rituals is dim sum, the perfect welcome to all visitors to Hong Kong. If you want to try a little bit of everything plus snap a photo of the most instagrammable pork buns you ever lay eyes on, make sure to visit a few dim sum restaurants in Hong Kong.

The shapes, the sounds, the characters – the streets of Hong Kong are an urban photographer’s playground. Make sure to have your camera ready; colour can be found at every turn. Amongst the stalls in Chinatown, the metro stations, the neon lights of Mong Kok and the stairs at Olympic Park.

Renting space is at a premium where a studio apartment is even more expensive than a shoebox in New York City. The other luxury is a decent cup of coffee. It definitely exists, in more places than one, so if you’re willing to pay a mini fortune, we’d recommend these seven Hong Kong cafes for specialty coffee.

Hong Kong is a place of contrasts. From shopping designer labels in Central to trawling through cheap trinkets in Temple Street Market. From sipping shaken cocktails at Dragonfly to slurping noodles in a grungy, no-name back alley. One side may delight you whilst the other disgusts you but the sensory feast is sure worth the wild ride.

Top Experiences In Hong Kong

1. Go to the top of Victoria Peak

Whether you walk up or catch The Peak tram, your journey to the summit of Victoria Peak will be worth it for an iconic view of Hong Kong.

2. Yum Cha at One Dim Sum

Despite losing its Michelin star, this spot is worth the visit. Don’t eat breakfast and arrive at opening at One Dim Sum with your appetite. 

3. Get your Insta photo at Choi Hung Estate

The basketball court and rainbow housing estate that catapulted to fame thanks to Instagram. You didn’t visit Hong Kong unless you took a photo here.

4. Shop trinkets at Temple Street Night Market

Take a stroll down the flood-lit thoroughfare and browse over souvenirs, fake designer handbags and little trinkets.

5. Watch a Symphony of Lights

Find an ideal vantage point of Victoria Point and allow yourself to be mesmerized by the light show throwing colours across the buildings and water.

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Before You Go To Hong Kong...

Hong Kong proudly shows off its Chinese roots and traditions whilst marching gallantly into the future. Gastronomic goodness can be sniffed out amongst the dense conglomerate of skyscrapers that appear to encroach on the islands’ sprawling parks. Here are a few blog posts to help you navigate the metropolis.

Planning Your Trip To Hong Kong

What is the official language of Hong Kong? What is Hong Kong’s currency? What is the best way to travel around Hong Kong? Here’s a quick snapshot to help plan your trip to Hong Kong.


Cantonese & English


Hong Kong Dollars (HKD)


Widely available


Metro (subway), buses, trams, taxis


Hong Kong operates on a 220V supply voltage and 50Hz. Plug types D and G.

time zone

GMT +08:00

Best Time To Go To Hong Kong

Hong Kong is a year-round destination. The summers are hot and humid while the winters are cool and dry. Around typhoon season, outdoorsy travellers can explore Hong Kong’s mountains and sprawling parks. And you’ll never go hungry in culinary capital where you can feast on dim sum, noodles, egg waffles and plenty more.


October – February. The weather is sunny and pleasant. January – February is festival season.


March – June. There is less chance of typhoons , evenings tend to be a bit cooler.


July – September. Summer is peak typhoon season and the climate is hot and humid.

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Sound Like A Local

Some basic Cantonese phrases that will be useful to you when you travel in Hong Kong.


man hou



please excuse (me)

daam doi




hai / mou


ya, yee, san

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