Siargao Itinerary And Expenses

Siargao Itinerary And Expenses | siargao itinerary and expenses 5

There are some destinations that you travel to only to discover that you don’t want to share it with the rest of the world. We put Siargao island in that bucket.

Siargao Island Travel Guide for Non-Surfers

Siargao Island Travel Guide for Non-Surfers | siargao island travel guide 7

Move over, Bali. A new tropical paradise has arrived on the scene. The teardrop shaped island, situated 800 kilometres from Manila is fast becoming southeast Asia’s destination of choice. On Siargao island, you’ll find palm trees are more populous than civilians and surfing is practically a religion. The dark smooth skin of the locals denotes … Read more

The 5 Best Cafes In Siargao

The 5 Best Cafes In Siargao | best cafes in siargao 9

Hopping between tropical island paradises and catching those early morning waves can be hard work. Here are 5 of the best cafes in Siargao to recharge.


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