Tasmania Road Trip Itinerary | 17 days around Van Diemen’s Land

Tasmania Road Trip Itinerary | 17 days around Van Diemen's Land | Tasmania Road Trip Itinerary 1

Wondrous landscapes, tantalising gastronomic experiences and wildlife in their natural habitats; a Tasmanian road trip promises all this and plenty more. When planning our honeymoon, the international borders remained closed so we turned our attention to Australia and boy, are we glad that we did! We embarked on an ultimate Tasmania road trip; 14 days … Read more

City Guide | How To Spend 3 Days in Hobart Tasmania

Hobart waterfront with Mt Wellington in the background

Hobart may be a small city but it packs plenty of punch. Its colourful history lives on through everyday elements; the arts, the harbour, the architecture and the design. The dynamic food scene can be experienced in its finest restaurants and farmhouse kitchens and let’s not forget that unparalleled natural beauty is merely a few … Read more

Things To Do In Chillagoe Queensland

Things to do in Chillagoe Qld

A visit to Far North Queensland usually consists of days snorkelling out on the Great Barrier Reef or chasing waterfalls deep in the rainforest. Venture out west to Chillagoe, home to magnificent limestone formations decorated by stalactites, stalagmites and flowstones and a number of species you may never wish to meet. The rural township maintains … Read more

How To Get To Emmagen Creek, Cape Tribulation

Standing on the edge of Emmagen Creek, Cape Tribulation

A visit to far north Queensland promises to be hot. There’s a reason they call it tropical. Because there will be days where the heat is unbearable, the sweat dripping in buckets from your forehead. And of course, you’ll want to go for a swim. But remember, you’re in croc country. So, the ocean is … Read more

How To Get To Clamshell Falls, Behana Gorge National Park

How To Get To Clamshell Falls from Cairns

If you’re looking for a short hike and fresh water swimming hole not far from Cairns, then a visit to Clamshell Falls will be the perfect half-day trip. These cascading waterfalls and natural swimming holes provide the perfect setting for a packed lunch and refreshing swim without having to worry about crocodiles! Another selling point … Read more

How To Get To Davies Creek Falls

How To Get To Davies Creek Falls from Cairns

There’s no doubt that waterfall chasing is a serious spot in tropical north Queensland. But similar to Bali, you don’t want to be visiting the same waterfalls on the tourist trail, as brilliant as they are. On our second trip back to Far North Queensland, we made a point to hunt down some lesser known … Read more


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