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A country and its people offer so much insight into its culture, traditions and way of life through its culinary offerings. And the way they brew their coffee, of course. Follow those enticing smells and the rumble of your stomachs to food, glorious food…

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We’re Australian. OF COURSE, we’re coffee snobs. He’s from Melbourne, so he’s even snobbier than me (a Brisbanite). But so we should be and can be because arguably, some of the best baristas are trained in Australia. So when we travel, we’re always on the lookout for the best beans that a city can produce! Check out our Coffee Guides of the cities that we’ve visited and make sure to let us know of your favourites that we may not have mentioned or come across yet!

Third Wave Coffee

For those not familiar with the term, the “third wave” of coffee was coined in 1999 by American, Timothy J. Castle, and has come to refer to the movement to produce high-quality coffee, aspiring to be a culinary artisanal foodstuff (much like wine and cheese) rather than just a traded commodity. Third wave coffee strives to improve all stages of coffee production; from growing and harvesting coffee beans to building strong relationships with coffee growers, traders and roasters, it works towards building more sustainable processes that lead to high-quality ethical production.

The Travel Quandary works to support local businesses and communities through the purchase of foods and produce that have been ethically sourced, produced and traded. Read here to learn more about Our Responsible Travel Ethos.


Pretty much our favourite meal after dessert; whoever invented brunch is a genius. Meaning you can pig out and splurge on one meal instead of both breakfast and lunch, it’s also one of the best hangover cures. Take a look at some of our top picks and make sure to send through your recommendations too!


The Travel Quandary provides reviews on culinary establishments based on their dining experiences in cities around the world. From the cheap eats and mid-range fare to the expensive, gastronomic fine-dining restaurants, check out our top picks that we can’t stop raving about.



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