Indonesia may not be able to offer every visitor their own Eat, Pray, Love experience. But this vast archipelagic country will certainly deliver on glorious sunsets, world-renowned waterfalls, delicious smoothie bowls and the opportunity to disconnect from the world for a week in the jungle.

No island brings more international visitors to Indonesia than Bali, the Island of the Gods. Resplendent with some of the best jungle waterfalls in the world, your days will be filled with navigating winding roads through the hills and trekking through lush tropical nature before standing before a majestic gush of water. Postcard perfect beaches are another major draw card for the bronzed youths who come to surf all day and descend on Kuta to party all night.

Tap into your spiritual side and book a week long yoga retreat in blissful Ubud and nourish your body with cheap, healthy eats in the main town. Just beware of those cheeky monkeys! Places like Canggu and Uluwatu attract digital nomads from all over the world whilst northern Bali offers some mighty fine views of the looming volcanoes.

Catch a fast boat out to Nusa Penida where you can hunt down a T-Rex and relax on gorgeous Diamond Beach. But we implore you to take care on this picturesque island. For those unfamiliar with two-wheeled motorised vehicles, think twice before renting a scooter on Nusa Penida – a good deal is probably not worth it and we’re speaking from our personal experience!

With over 17,000 islands, we’ve barely scratched Indonesia’s surface. Perhaps one day, we will find ourselves there again.

Top Experiences In Indonesia

1. Seek out waterfalls in Bali

Get your bikini body ready. The best way to show off to your Instagram following is to post a picture of you at the base of a Balinese waterfall.

2. Volcano trekking on Lombok

Smouldering volcanic calderas and mind-boggling vistas await you at the summit of Gunung Rinjani, Indonesia’s second-highest volcano. 

3. Hunt a T-Rex on Nusa Penida

Other than seeing fossils in a museum, this is the closest you’ll get to a dinosaur. The T-Rex is spectacular to see from above.

4. Learn traditions in Yogyakarta

Be a guest at a classical Javanese dance show, visit the 18-century royal complex (kraton) and shop local handicrafts like batik and leather goods.

5. Snorkelling in the Gili Islands

For the water lovers, get up close and personal with marine life and underwater art in the Gilis. Make sure to keep a respectful distance.

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Before You Go To Indonesia...

For the majority of travellers, their introduction to Indonesia is via Bali. The Island of the Gods offers jungle hiking adventures, epic sunsets, eco-lodge retreats and healthy eating. If you’re looking to choose a base in Bali, this blog post provides plenty of suggestions to help you plan where to stay in Bali.

The surrounding islands are not to be ignored with water activities and jaw-dropping beauty vying for your attention too. Here are a few posts to help you get to Indonesia.

Planning Your Trip To Indonesia

What is the official language of Indonesia? What is Indonesia’s currency? What is the best way to travel around Indonesia? Here’s a quick snapshot to help plan your trip to Indonesia.




Indonesian Rupiah (IDR)


Limited to hotels, guesthouses and some restaurants and cafes


taxis, scooters, tuk tuks


Indonesia operates on a 230V supply voltage and 50Hz. Plug types are C and F.

time zone

West – GMT +07:00
East – GMT +09:00
Central – GMT +08:00

Best Time To Go To Indonesia

Natural beauty combined with affordable airfares and accommodation make Indonesia an attractive destination all year round. Of course, no equatorial country is without a rainy season but once the tropical downpours pass, you’re free to roam the islands in search of renowned, untamed beauty.


May – September. Little rain, low humidity and plenty of sunshine create the perfect conditions for exploring the Indonesian archipelago.


April and October. Either side of the peak rainy season is an ideal time to visit Indonesia where temperatures are manageable and you’ll put up with the odd downpour.


November – March. Monsoon season brings hot temperatures and high humidity. It’s not impossible but it can be tricky to visit some places.

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Sound Like A Local

Some basic Indonesian phrases that will be useful to you when you travel in Indonesia.




Selamat tinggal




terima kasih


lya / tidak


satu, dua, tiga

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