Food, history, art, fashion, culture – mamma mia! You’re talking about one of our all-time favourite European countries. In Italy, there is something for every type of traveller to love.

For the mountain lovers, it’s the Dolomites that call. Sharp, jagged mountains dusted with snow loom over open, grassy fields. Pine forests shield smooth lakes which mirror clouds in the sky. Hiking trails invite intrepid explorers to breathe in the crisp mountain air.

The coastline is spotted with tetris blocks of candy, coloured houses where visitors flock in the summertime to swim and sunbathe in the pebbly coves. Spend a few days in Cinque Terre hiking between the former fishing villages or if your dollars can stretch a bit further, you’ll want to hang with the rich and famous in Positano.

Fling yourself into the romantic Renaissance era with a visit to Florence, where you can wile away hours admiring the glorious cathedral, the smooth curves of David and knock back a glorious bottle of red wine while watching the sunset from Piazzale Michelangelo. To continue the development of your wine palette, a wine tour of Tuscany is a must. Be sure to hand over the car keys to a responsible designated driver!

If you enjoy wandering aimlessly, go north and make your way to Venice. With luck, you’ll have the chance to soak up some of the local charm and culture amongst the canals. Nothing says romance more than a sunset gondola ride with your other half.

Fashionistas must make their way to Milan where you’ll need to make sure you don’t commit a sartorial faux pas, whilst some of the best gelato we ate was certainly in Bologna. There is so much of Italy that we’d love to return to and our Italian bucket list grows longer and longer (our top picks are currently Puglia and Sicily).

There’s no denying it. Italy calls us like an opera singer who mourns for a lost love. Bella Italia, one day we will return!

Top Experiences in Italy

1. Take a gondola ride in Venice

A touristy activity but undeniably a romantic one. sit back and allow a Venetian gondolier to steer you through the narrow canals.

2. Eat all the foods in Bologna

Weave in and out of the terracotta arches of Bologna hunting for those culinary delights that will leave your tastebuds tingling.

3. Hike across the five towns of Cinque Terre

The delicate and colourful infrastructure of Cinque Terre is a favourite with visitors and best visited during warmer months.

4. Pretend you're a gladiator in the Colosseum

The iconic masterpiece of Rome is a majestic structure in the Italian capital, a representation of incredible architecture yet brutal history.

5. Take a wine tour in Tuscany

Allow yourself to be transported between age-old vineyards to sip premium wines amongst the glorious Tuscan countryside.

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Before You Go To Italy...

Between the two of us, we have certainly seen more of Italy than what we’ve written about (we hope to eventually add more blog posts here!). We definitely dream of returning one day to explore rugged coastline, feast on drool-worthy traditional nonna recipes, sip delectable wines and wander through medieval towns. 

Planning Your Trip To Italy

What is the official language of Italy? What is the currency in Italy? What is the best way to travel around Italy? Here’s a quick snapshot to help plan your trip to Italy.




Euro €


Sometimes available


Local trains, private vehicle, vespas.


Italy operates on 220V and frequency 50Hz. Plug types C, F and L.


GMT +02:00

Best Time To Go To Italy

Italy shines particularly bright during the warmer months and can reach scorching temperatures at the height of summer. To avoid the crazy crowds and bitter cold, travelling to Italy during shoulder season is the best time to visit. A fabulous wardrobe is a must all-year round.


June – August. Ridiculously hot with premium prices everywhere. Long summer days call for Aperol Spritz at all hours.


April – May, September – October. Milder climates but still crowded in larger cities. Perfect for gastronomy experiences.


November – March. Temperatures drop in the Alps and by the coast. Many businesses close for the Winter so check ahead.

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Sound Like A Local

Here are some basic Italian phrases that will be useful to you when you travel through Italy.






per favore




sì / no


uno, due, tre

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