Travel Planning


Everybody has preferred methods for planning their holidays. Some swear by the trusted written-down lists whereas others prefer to take tours and let a local handle their itinerary.

There are those travellers who use packing cubes and the rolling clothes method and of course, there are those who throw everything haphazardly in their backpack and end up wearing 20% of what they packed 80% of the time. There are always those who research their destination thoroughly and a good chunk of holiday goers who step off the plane and just go with the flow.

We consider ourselves a combination of all of the above but we’ve certainly developed a particular “style” and “method” for travel planning over time. We have our go-to, reliable sources for planning transport routes, organising foreign currency and arranging packing lists. Now, we’re sharing some of our favourite travel planning resources with you in the hope they may assist you with planning your next adventure.


The very first stage is the most exciting one but once you begin to get into the nitty-gritty, it can be stressful at times. We share some our favourite travel resources to help you plan an itinerary, try to score a good deal and hopefully prevent you from wanting to pull your hair out.


The day is here! Ensure you’ve done your final checks with these helpful blog posts.


You’re only human so at some point during your travels, you’re likely to forget something or need a helping hand.


Having embarked on several long weekend getaways, survived 50 days of #vanlife in Europe and handled various elaborate metro systems, we’ve learned a thing or two along the way. We share our travel lessons with you.



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