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Planning a trip can be exhilarating but rather overwhelming. 

What do I pack? How many shoes do I take? How much should I budget for accommodation, food and activities? Should I use a backpack or a suitcase? Will I need a visa? What travel insurance coverage should I consider?

Organisational and planning skills don’t come naturally to everyone. So we’re here to help you. We may not have all the answers but we have some travel resources – and many tips and tricks come from experience and/or hard lessons learned along the way. 

Below you’ll find a mishmash of articles that will help you find the best accommodation, recommend how to budget, packing tips and loads more. Read on to prepare for your next adventure!


Gone are the days when the only accommodation options were a roadside motel or a swanky 5-star all-inclusive resort. Nowadays, the competition is fierce and the options endless. We’ve stayed in private villas in Bali, gone campervanning around Europe for 50 days, rented a French chalet for a snow trip with friends in the mountains and squished ourselves into a box-sized apartment in Hong Kong.

No matter your preference or budget, there is bound to be a mattress to suit your needs. Check out our reviews of some of our favourite stays on our Accommodation page!


Money matters!

And unfortunately, money doesn’t grow on trees (maybe not yet, let’s give it some more time). So unless your bank account balance has at least six figures, you may want some help (and if your bank account had at least six figures, you wouldn’t be reading this page).

We’ve taken a bunch of trips, both short and long, and to a variety of destinations. We’ve skimped in some places and splurged in others. All in all, you can still have a fab time without spending a fortune or going beyond your means. Read our recommendations on making every dollar count.


It’s been said that travelling with a loved one is an ultimate test of a relationship. If you believe this to be true then, never fear because help is here! We’ve travelled together many times and sure, it has been testing on stress levels, patience and tolerance but hey – we’re still together so we must be doing something right.

Check out some tips and tricks that we’ve compiled for couples travel – sure they’re a little corny but we think you’ll like these posts anyway!


In all honesty, we would find it rather alarming (and stupid) if we were to cross paths with a traveller on the road who didn’t have travel insurance. Simply because he or she thought it unnecessary and/or they claim they can’t afford it. For any major trip abroad in a foreign country and/or a trip that involves participation in snow sports and activities, we would strongly recommend taking out a travel insurance policy.

Read our detailed blog post which outlines some basic information and key things to consider when buying travel insurance.


Organisational skills don’t come naturally to everybody. And travel planning does require a moderate ability of said skills. Take it from us – without our hand scribbled lists, Trello boards and phone reminders, we would frantically be forgetting something or packing unnecessary items.

Your planning and packing skills can be learned and refined over time. You’ll come to realise that you can take 50% less than what you thought and there are several travel planning resources that you’ll rely on time and time again.

Here are some of the lessons we have learned along the way – we share this wisdom with you!



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