How To Visit Ellinjaa Falls


When you set your eyes on Ellinjaa Falls, you’ll feel like you’ve stepped into a scene from Fern Gully.

One of three waterfalls which make up the Millaa Millaa waterfall circuit, Ellinjaa Falls is particularly special to visit in the wet season. The water tumbles over a series of lava columns and if you visit at the right time of day, creates a fine mist which bounces off the sunbeams.

We visited Ellinjaa Falls during our amazing 5 day campervan trip of tropical north Queensland. We found the spot to be particularly magical, especially after the crowds dispersed. In this blog post, we won’t be able to tell you how to find any fairies. However, we can tell you how to visit Ellinjaa Falls and what to consider for a safe trip.

A couple post at the bottom of Ellinjaa Falls, Queensland


Ellinjaa Falls Quick Facts

  • Opening Times/Seasons: All day/ All year
  • Entrance Fee: Free
  • Are there crocodiles at Ellinjaa Falls? No
  • Can you swim at Ellinjaa Falls? Yes
  • Can you camp at Ellinjaa Falls? No
  • Picnic tables: No
  • Toilets: No
  • BBQ: No

Where is Ellinjaa Falls?

Ellinjaa Falls is located just off the Palmerston Highway, the closest township being Millaa Millaa. It makes up one of three waterfalls (the others being Millaa Millaa Waterfall and Zillie Falls) as part of the waterfall circuit.

The great thing about Ellinjaa Falls is that it is easily accessible by foot from the carpark and the pool underneath the waterfall is shallow enough for bathing. This waterfall can also be visited on the same day as Millaa Millaa Waterfall and Zillie Falls. 

There is a hidden ledge behind the falls where the adventurous may want to clamber. The pool below the falls is not too deep (an adult would be able to stand in the pool) nor too wide. It is a great spot to take a refreshing dip. From the pool, the water trickles down forming a shallow creek with a very mild current. A perfect spot for little ones to splash about. Keep your eyes peeled as you may spot turtles or platypus on the water banks.

How to get to Ellinjaa Falls

Cairns to Ellinjaa Falls

From Cairns, it will take approximately 1hr 45 minutes to make your way to Ellinjaa Falls. Although the drive is just over 100kms, you’ll be winding your way through the Atherton Tablelands. 

If you choose to drive, you’ll be able to avoid some of the crowds which arrive in the form of tour groups. We suggest departing before they leave Cairns so you can stay one step ahead. Organise your car hire below.

Townsville to Ellinjaa Falls

Travelling north from Townsville is a lot further than Cairns. Driving directly to Ellinjaa Falls would take around 3hr 45 minutes which we do not recommend. We suggest stopping off at Wallaman Falls, Hinchinbrook Island and Mission Beach along the way to break up your journey and to see some more spectacular sites in this corner of the world.

How long is the Ellinjaa Falls walk?

The track to Ellinjaa Falls is relatively short at around 200 meters along a trail. The path is not sealed all the way with few stairs and is very accessible for most travellers. The descent from the carpark to the bottom of the waterfall is not steep.

Keep an eye out for the roving wild chickens that hang out in the carpark.

Safety Tips For Visiting Ellinjaa Falls

  • Wear enclosed shoes to walk down the trail – the path is unpaved with loose rocks and sticks
  • Keep an eye out for snakes, turtles and platypus
  • Watch your step if you choose to clamber onto the hidden ledge behind the waterfall
  • Do not feed the wild chickens in the carpark; please take all your rubbish with you

What other waterfalls are in the area?

Ellinjaa Falls is one of three waterfalls that make up the Millaa Millaa Waterfall Circuit. Zillie Falls and Millaa Millaa Waterfall are the other two popular waterfalls in the area. All three are often visited by touring groups. To avoid the crowds, it would be best to arrive in the early morning.

Other waterfalls in the area include Mungalli Falls, Nandroya Falls, Wallicher Falls and Tchupala Falls.

Hiking Essentials | What do I need to hike to Ellinjaa Falls?

To ensure a safe and enjoyable visit, always bring:

  • Hiking boots | We recommend sturdy, reliable footwear for any hiking but trail shoes or runners would suffice. 
  • Basic first-aid kit | Including a space blanket
  • Reusable water bottles | We recommend one with a filter such as this Grayl water bottle in case you need to fill water from a natural source.
  • Adequate drinking water | Bring a sufficient amount for a day’s walk and then extra!
  • Biodegradable wet wipes | In case you don’t have somewhere to wash your hands with clean water.
  • Hat, sunscreen, sunglasses and insect repellent
  • Adequate clothing for all weather conditions including rain
  • Swimsuit & microfibre towel if you plan on swimming
  • Fully charged mobile phone | Mobile phone coverage is limited. Telstra seems to work best out here.
  • Torch or headlamp | For when nature calls in the middle of the night!

Where can I stay near Ellinjaa Falls? | Where to stay in Cairns


Hawestead Homestay | This guest suite for 2 people in Tarzali is relatively new to Airbnb and maintains a 5 star rating.

Millaa’s Getaway | A beautiful self-contained flat that can fit up to 5 people and perfect for accessing the Millaa Millaa waterfall circuit.

Cairns Studio | A wonderful apartment on the outskirts of Cairns that would provide a wonderful base for exploring tropical north Queensland.

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